animal welfare

Food loss and waste is a global concern. 30 to 40% of our annual production, 80 billion pounds of food, are wasted annually, or, in more human terms, 242 pounds per person. 22% of our landfills are filled with wasted food. A new study examines the intersection of environmental concerns and meat-related food loss.
Animal research’s benefits are clear – but public awareness of what it involves is not.
Due to consumer concerns about the impact of commercial animal production on climate change, sustainable development, and animal welfare, biotech companies are racing to produce meat outside the realm of animal husbandry.  Cultured meat (CM), produced artificially in a bioreactor for human or pet consumption, is both the new commercial food frontier and the darling of venture capitalists. Can biotech companies deliver as promised, or are they blowing smoke at their investors and misleading the public? 
Reconsidering zoos, the most famous of monkeys, the symbolism of masks and a goldfish drives their aquarium.