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A Detroit mother was sentenced to seven days in jail for failing to comply with a judge's orders to vaccinate her son, as she had agreed to do in her divorce agreement. Falsely claiming a religious exemption, this woman is now a martyr for anti-vaccine propagandists.
As the final weeks of her pregnancy approach, ACSH's Ana Dolaskie shares why the last month is the hardest, and perhaps the most rewarding.
A Colorado toddler required emergency medical intervention after ingesting 28 high-powered buckyball magnets that began to erode. Major surgery can often result, depending on the urgency of the clinical situation, and it can possibly lead to the removal of segments of bowel. 
Awful as it is, let's clarify the clinical picture of a toddler's tragic death in Brooklyn, N.Y. Reportedly, the 1-year-old's father "attempted to cure his chronic cough with a home remedy that included leaving the baby alone in a steamy bathroom." His body temperature eventually reached 108 degrees.
At her last appointment, ACSH's Ana Dolaskie was told she is measuring small for gestational age? What does this mean? Since it could mean many different things, let's clarify. 
Today's teens are delaying their transition into adulthood, as revealed by a recent study published in the journal Child Development.
The American Academy of Pediatrics released its first-ever guidelines on tattoos and body piercings among teens.
Heartburn, what heartburn? Backaches? Step aside. Of all the dreadful pregnancy symptoms ACSH's Ana Dolaskie thought she would endure, she didn't see this one coming. That is, until now.
An ongoing FDA investigation into allegedly harmful homeopathic teething products revealed (surprise!) a heap of significant violations found at a second facility. Not only that, but the company's sheer sketchiness – like preventing investigators from taking photos – is enough to make you question what it's hiding.  
Given how well women propagated the species despite all kinds of past health scares, should today's mothers panic about eating a piece of sushi? Well, yeah, though they needn't worry about coffee or BPA, despite litigation groups like Center for Science in the Public Interest long insisting those things are ruining families.
Pregnancy comes with so many symptoms. Some are completely normal; others can be alarming. And some can be both. How can you tell when to call the doc? 
A story involving a toxic teething product is being made public by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But this time it's not a part of the ongoing FDA investigation into homeopathic teething tablets that have been shown to contain high levels of belladonna.