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Many homeopathic products have been targeted with warnings or recalled in the last few months, primarily because they contain varying amounts of ingredients -- with some being highly toxic. Here we explore the ingredients in one of these troubling products. 
Andrew Wakefield, Jenny McCarthy and their anti-vaccination groupies are making less and less of an impact, according to a new report released by the CDC which analyzes vaccination data on kindergartners.  
Vitamin D is crucial for normal growth and development, and in North America much of a child's vitamin D comes from fortified dairy milk. Parents have been advised to give their children reduced fat rather than whole milk — supposedly to decrease the risk of obesity. A new report by Canadian researchers indicates that this advice just might be counterproductive — especially when it comes to vitamin D absorption, and even to obesity.
Young Kids Watching TV
Since kids under age have a limited ability to know themselves physically, and express themselves, is what they're saying always accurate? That's one of the important questions clouding the results of a study which determined that little kids can be influenced to eat by TV food commercials when they are not hungry.
On a recent trip, a flight attendant announced that a passenger had a severe peanut allergy and if anyone had food containing peanuts that it be stored away for the entire flight. The apparently widespread belief that re-circulated peanut-tainted air can harm unsuspecting children is wrong, and based on several myths.
Data from emergency room visits shows that over a four-year period roughly 30,000 of them, each year, were for sports-related eye injuries. And that a majority -- two-thirds of females and 60 percent of males -- involved patients under age 18. Injuries were also categorized by sport or activity, to better understand how they occurred, providing information that can help parents.
We are seeing a sharp increase in suicide among children aged 10 to 14. Since 1999, the incidence rate for this group has nearly doubled, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2014 it was just as likely that a child took his or her own life than it was that he/she died in a traffic accident. What explains this shocking surge?
When trying to identify why many young children gain weight at an early age, schools often are criticized. But a new, large study indicates that schools are being unfairly implicated in this regard, and that significant weight gain is taking place at home -- specifically, during summers away from school.
Postpartum depression is a very serious mood disorder that cannot be lumped together with the commonly reported "baby blues" and certainly cannot be helped by any service that is offered on a spa menu. However, certain spa owners are starting marketing campaigns that dangerously mislead new mothers.
Human milk is the gold standard for feeding babies — its benefits are well-known. And now formula manufacturers are bringing their products closer to the composition of breast milk by the addition of compounds — oligosaccharides — that are commonly found in mothers' milk.
The child who was never born - by Martin Hudacek
The emotional agony of losing a baby in utero can only be understood by the people that have experienced it. But a new study delves into a massive amount of data surrounding a large number of stillbirths, in order to learn more about the methods used to determine their causes of death.
Just when you thought that chiropractors focus solely on back pain, think again. Didn't you know that their degree makes them experts on everything -- even nutrition and vaccinations?! Just check out these Halloween tips from Lakeland Chiropractic, a Michigan practice, if you want some trickery to go with your kid's candy collection.