Podcast: AI in Medicine — Who's to Blame When Things Go Wrong?

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Artificial Intelligence plays an increasingly prominent role in modern life, medicine included. While the technology promises to improve health care in many ways, it also carries potentially serious risks. That raises a critical question: when AI harms patients, who's responsible?

Join Cameron English and Dr. Barbara Billauer on Episode 70 of the Science Dispatch podcast as they discuss AI in medicine with Stanford Law professor Michelle Mello:

As developers and health systems embrace artificial intelligence-powered software, a pressing question emerges: Who bears the burden when these innovations inadvertently harm patients? And especially when legal precedent offers only faint guidance. Let's take a look.


Michelle Mello is Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and Professor of Health Policy in the Department of Health Policy at Stanford University School of Medicine. Follow her on X @MichelleM_Mello and visit her website.

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