Podcast: Charging Doctors with Manslaughter; Science Journalists as Paid Political Hacks

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In the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, a physician was charged with manslaughter for administering morphine and a sedative to patients who couldn't leave the hospital during the disaster. Was she alleviating their pain and anxiety or trying to kill them? Meanwhile, many news outlets are paid to slant their science coverage. How did that happen, and what do we do about it?

Join host Cameron English, Dr. Chuck Dinerstein and Dr. Barbara Pfeffer Billauer as they break down these stories on Episode 50 of the Science Dispatch podcast:

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina and its devastation resulted in manslaughter charges against Dr. Anna Pou, along with a host of civil actions for murder. Dr. Pou received an AMA commendation for the same activities she was charged with.

Reporters like to portray themselves as truth tellers who hold the powerful accountable. In reality, many of them are hired guns who publish propaganda under the guise of doing journalism. The good news is that a growing number of Americans are abandoning the legacy media for better sources of information.

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