Podcast: FDA Tries To Ban JUUL; Low-Nicotine Cigarettes Coming Soon?

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The FDA recently attempted to ban JUUL vaping products and announced a proposal to cut nicotine levels in combustible cigarettes. The policies are designed to reduce tobacco use—but will they? We have our doubts. Join us for episode 10 of the Science Dispatch podcast.

Join ACSH directors of bio-sciences and medicine, Cameron English and Dr. Chuck Dinerstein, as they break down these stories:

Nicotine has been in the news a lot between the plan to remove JUUL, a nicotine delivery system from the market, and the FDA proposal to require cigarettes to have lower nicotine levels. I asked myself a simple question for which I did not have a ready answer, what amount of nicotine is necessary to get you addicted— what dose makes the poison?

The FDA recently tried to ban the most popular brand of e-cigarette products, encouraging many ex-smokers to restart their deadly habit.

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