ACSH in the Media: Turkey Day Edition

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Thanksgiving Week is one of the craziest but funnest of the year. It's the perfect American holiday: Tons of tasty food on Thursday, insane shopping on Friday, and lots of football to watch in between naps.

The ACSH team will also be celebrating. Indeed, we have much to be thankful for, such as these recent media appearances:

(1) Dr. Alex Berezow's article criticizing a study that dubiously linked fluoride to lower IQ was cited by BuzzFeed. As Dr. Berezow explained previously, that conclusion makes very little sense in light of what else is known about the topic.

(2) Dr. Berezow was also cited by Dr. Drew's website in an article on homelessness. We just discovered that Dr. Drew's site cited our work back in January. The article explained that homelessness affects everyone in society, not just those who are on the streets. The reason, as Dr. Berezow explained in his article, is because homeless camps have become infectious disease "time bombs." We should not be surprised if and when these diseases turn up outside the camps.

(3) ACSH was cited multiple times by the RealClear family of websites as well as the Genetic Literacy Project. In particular, we were linked by RealClearPolitics, RealClearScience, RealClearPolicy, RealClearHealth, RealClearMarkets, and RealClearWorld. We rarely mention this in these "ACSH in the Media" updates because it happens so often, but we are very grateful to all of them.

(4) Dr. Chuck Dinerstein was cited by Mind Matters News, a website that deals with artificial intelligence. The website quoted from Dr. Dinerstein's article explaining how healthcare algorithms can accidentally be prejudiced.

(5) Dr. Berezow was cited by The Review, the student newspaper of the University of Delaware. The newspaper article discussed how current fashions can create problems for society. "Organic everything" is all the rage right now, but Dr. Berezow's article described how organic farming is 20% less efficient than conventional farms, which means they are disproportionately worse for the environment.

(6) ACSH's work on phthalates was cited by Plastics News. This article went waaaay back, citing work from our organization when we collaborated with Surgeon General C. Everett Koop to declare that medical devices and vinyl toys were safe.

(7) Dr. Berezow continues to do his twice weekly radio segment, "Real Science with Dr. B," on Seattle's Kirby Wilbur Show. In his latest segment (beginning at 22:14), he discussed how Microsoft Japan boosted worker productivity by 40% when they implemented three-day weekends every weekend.