Priorities Magazine Winter 2018

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The Winter 2018 issue of Priorities magazine is now available from the American Council on Science and Health, since 1978 America's premier pro-science consumer advocacy non-profit,. You can't subscribe and you can't buy it on newsstands. The only way to get it is absolutely free.The print version is sent without cost to donors who have made a tax-deductible donation of $100 or more (it's expensive to print, and we don't sell ads or subscriptions) and is available as a free download to everyone.

In this issue:

Page 1. "The Compassionate Case For Coal" by Hank Campbell, President of the American Council on Science and Health.

Page 4. "Spotlight on Homeopathic Regulation" by Stephen Barrett, M.D., founder of Quackwatch.

Page 6. "Generic Drugs Get an Undeserved Halo" by Cameron English, researcher at Deniers for Hire.

Page 8. "Can We Nudge, Instead of Regulate, Our Way Out of Obesity?" by Brandon McFadden, Ph.D., University of Florida.

Page 10. "'Social Justice Warrior' Vandana Shiva Is A Poor Advocate For The Poor" by Henry Miller, M.D, Hoover Institution, and Prof. Drew Kershen, Emeritus Professor of Law at University of Oklahoma.

Page 14. "Glyphosate: The Triumph Of Post-Truth In Europe" by Marcel Kuntz, Ph.D., CNRS in Grenoble.

Page 16. "A Brief Quackery Primer" by Marvin Schissel, DDS

You can download it here or read it in the window below: