Helping Smokers Quit: The Science Behind Tobacco Harm Reduction

The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) was among the first organizations in the United States to formally endorse tobacco harm reduction (THR) as a way to get smokers to be less risky with their behavior, and when smoking cessation was not successful.

ACSH based its position on a comprehensive review of the existing scientific and medical literature, which shows that smokeless tobacco is at least 98 percent safer than smoking cigarettes and can serve as an effective cessation aid.

This publication summarizes the major findings of the most recent comprehensive overview of the scientific literature on THR, undertaken by Dr. Brad Rodu, professor of medicine and endowed chair in tobacco harm reduction at the University of Louisville. It is our position that THR can significantly reduce the toll of addiction to cigarettes that remains a major public health concern. It is the intention of this publication to increase the number of people who are aware of THR as a beneficial alternative to smoking. The report may be downloaded for free or purchased from Amazon.

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